#37 - Ball Control

Friday Night Lights 311 - There was so much going on in this episode, we had to express it through song.


Billy Riggins, leaf blowers, Mindy Collette get to know her
Eating snacks, licking fingers, wedding registry
Tyra plans a stripper theme, but college is her real dream
Now Mindy “wants a tea”, S.A.T. anxiety!
Bridal shower from hell, speed metal on the bill
Landry shares the family scones, ticket to the bone zone
Sugar, Charm, Fashionette, Kandy and Aquanette
Crazy Texas thunderstorm, everything is getting wet!

Johnnie Walker black label, sexxxy nurse is on the table
Teacups, Ty-ty, best sister around
Angela turns it out, floral dress no doubt
Tyra will achieve her goals, a parenting touchdown!

Mario Kart races, Tim making stern faces, 
Rematch, beerwolf, leave Lyla alone
Shearling jacket, train’s leavin’, Lyla’s California dreamin’
Panther plates, man-to-man, Buddy wants her home
College acceptance letter, Buddy should have known better
Christmas carols, yuletide, boot-cut jeans, Tim tried
Church scene, family tree, supportive as he’ll ever be
Cries on shoulder, she’s his queen, but Lyla is a privileged teen! 

Number 12, golden boy, a.k.a. JD McCoy
Dad is bad guy, Madison’s mom cried
Katie McCoy halter watch, tiger stripe, top notch!
Bad weather, slippery slide, West Cambria, score is tied

(sick guitar solo)

Fumble, touchdown, football term, this game is a nail biter
Joe’s obsessed with ball control, tells JD not to throw
Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, go for 2
Joe McCoy’s a psycho, Coach T is a hero!!

Meet about redistricting, this should be interesting
Dillon villains, prioritizing pigskin
State funding, class size, town divided lengthwise
Paul Dunley, boys’ club, East Dillon gets a snub
Zig-zag border, coach lies, this will be his demise
Boosters gonna get their way, what else do we have to say!!

Cookies, pudding, Oprah burns, grocery store its Shelby’s turn
Taking care of grandma, dud dad still at war
Seatbelt, backseat, car pulling on the street
Slow motion horror, grandma opens the car door
Ambulance, emergency, Shelby gets the urgency
Nursing home, Matt’s mad, communicates just like his dad
We know Shelby won’t bail, Grandma’s getting old and frail,
Get home, slipper dramz, Matt can’t take it anymore!!